Thursday, March 13, 2008

Will carbon dioxide be a problem in the future?

Reported by Chelsea and Izzy

Carbon dioxide (co2) has always been a problem in the world, but will it affect us in the future with Showroom Tax?

In April next year the government are considering taxing drivers with the most polluting cars. The tax will be rising to around an astonishing £440 for those vehicles which emit more than 255g of carbon dioxide per kilometre driven. In the following year this price will increase and then decrease in the second year.

Even though this is a huge increase in the tax it should prevent people from buying cars that produce the most amount of carbon dioxide (co2). This will hopefully help put a stop to global warming in the future because some people won’t want to pay the increased amount and will switch to a more environmentally friendly car.

However, will this measure really help to stop or slow global warming? Dr. Nottingham in Buckinghamshire thinks it will, he told us that “it may deter some people but some own so much money it won’t affect them.” The best way to stop global warming is to “move away from using fossil fuels and more towards energy.”

On the other hand there are negative opinions. Mr Michie from Buckinghamshire states, “I am not sure it would help but a lot of people are just going to see it as another tax like road tax. Therefore, I am not sure it would convince people to change their car.” If the government really want global warming to stop then they need to take action and “give people incentives such as a reduction in their income tax to encourage them to be more active in recycling.”

If everyone thinks global warming is an important issue then why aren’t we all doing more to stop it. Until there is agreement as to how to deal with this issue then as Mr Michie states, “the future is very bleak because the government is never going to take enough action that is drastic enough to have a significant impact.”

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